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Online Toolz 2.0

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The Online Translator is a free tool that allows users to easily translate text from one language to another.

The tool supports 30+ language and is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible to people of all language backgrounds.

How to use it

  • Put your text in the text field below
  • Choose your desired language which you want to translate to
  • Click Translate

Note : Max 300 words (~2000 characters). For long text it could take up to 3 mins

Translate to


More about the tool

支持 50 多种语言的在线翻译工具对于需要与说不同语言的人进行交流的人来说,是一个宝贵的资源。在线翻译工具的关键特征之一是它能够自动检测文本的语言,这意味着用户不必手动选择他们想要翻译的文本的语言。相反,该工具使用算法来分析文本并确定它所写的语言。这使得翻译过程更有效率,消除了用户需要先了解他们想要翻译的语言的需求。


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